Is Call Tracking Beneficial for My Business?

You spend a lot of money on advertising, don’t you want to know if it is working?

Is Call Tracking Beneficial for My Business?In our last post How Does Call Tracking Even Work?, we went over the very basics of how call tracking works. So how do you know if your business is a good fit for call tracking? If you are trying to grow your business using different types of marketing to obtain customers, then call tracking for you.

The Problem
Do you throw advertising dollars at different marketing channels, such as the Yellow Pages, website landing pages, newspaper ads, direct mail pieces, magazines, then hope that they work? Are you assuming that your call handlers are doing their best on every phone call without a data showing leads into appointment rates? You’d be surprised how many businesses think they are performing at their best, but once they see their data through call tracking, they realize they are underperforming.
Other businesses know that the phone is their weakest link in the sales cycle and don’t even want to address it because they don’t know where to start.

The Solution
If either problem above sounds familiar, you can solve a lot by using call tracking. As owners and managers, your time and money is valuable, so why spend time worrying about what is and isn’t working by inferences, and why waste money on advertising avenues that aren’t giving you the return that you need? Call tracking can provide quick, easy-to-read reports showing where your calls are coming in from. With call tracking, there is no more guessing. One CallSource client saved over $45,000 by utilizing call tracking!

Our Experience
CallSource has worked with over 300,000 businesses over the last 25 years. We have the industry insights to not only help improve businesses through call tracking but with more services as well.

Stay tuned for future articles for deeper insights, and please drop us a message if you have any questions on whether or not call tracking can work for your business.

Casandra Ciopryna
Casandra Ciopryna
Cassie is a New England transplant to California, where she started working with CallSource in 2013. As a previous CallSource Business Advisor, she has helped many clients achieve business goals. With a BA in English and MFA in Creative Writing, Cassie has a passion for words. When she isn’t coming up with new content for CallSource’s website, she enjoys concerts, hiking, and a glass of wine. LinkedIn

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