How to Overcome the Most Common Objections for Appointment Setting
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Call handlers need to have a lot of skills in their back pocket while conversing with potential customers. Besides being the first impression of your business, they also have to understand that in order to set the appointment, they need to apply a salesperson type of approach on the phone.

Obviously, your employees will be unable to book every caller into an appointment (sorry!), but there are certain skills they will have to acquire to have a greater chance at booking even the most difficult caller into an appointment. Some of the objections they may face and will have to overcome are listed below:


Most objections are given due to pricing, so it is important to express why a caller should choose your company and not look at just a price point. Indicate what differentiates you from your competitors, such as customer service, finance options, or longevity.

Explaining the full value of the service can help the caller see beyond the one-time fee. It is also important to note that to overcome pricing objections, the call handler must have control of the call from the get-go. Some callers will want to jump immediately to price—this makes it harder to defend against this type of caller.

Indicate what differentiates you from your competitors, such as customer service, finance options, or longevity.

Instead, start building the value of your company and its services/products right away. This way, if and when price comes up, you can respond with value statements first, so that they aren’t only focused on your company’s price point, but what you can deliver that makes it worth the price. In most instances, the caller will see that your value is far more important.

Presenting Value

Asking the right questions and explaining value from the beginning will result in fewer objections, but they are still inevitable. As mentioned, it is important to not wait for an objection before explaining the company’s value statements. By explaining the company’s value, the client’s expectations can correctly be set and they will know what to expect when booking an appointment.

Value statements let callers know what sets the company apart from the competition. They also help provide information to the caller that they need to make a key decision: will they do business with your company or not?


Scheduling is another reason a caller may have an objection to booking an appointment. This could be a scheduling issue on the caller’s part; for example, they have to check with a spouse, or they don’t have access to their calendar. There may also be a conflict with the office’s schedule; the time slots that are available do not work for the caller.

If the caller has to check with someone else before booking an appointment or has to check their calendar it is important to focus on urgency with the caller. Asking questions about the caller’s needs will bring the focus back to their issue. The best way to do this is to ask questions about the nature of their problem. Once the caller’s need is the main focus, let the caller know they can make an appointment and call back to change the time if needed.

If that still doesn’t work, it never hurts to allow the call handlers to double-check with a manager about their schedule to see if someone else can be squeezed in, or if any appointments can be re-arranged. It may be worth it if you are gaining a new life-long customer.

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Casandra Ciopryna
Casandra Ciopryna
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