Evaluate Phone Skills to Improve
Call-to-Appointment Rates

What can CallSource do for you?

Telephone Performance Analysis

CallSource will measure the impacts of training & coaching through a process called Telephone Performance AnalysisSM (TPA).  Our expert call analysts zero in on a subset of calls to focus on gaps in telephone skills.  Through this in-depth analysis, we grade each member of your team’s performance and provide advanced ranking metrics, allowing you to identify your all-star performers.


The Our University® training platform is your centralized location to access training content, register for coaching sessions, and review your report card.  This platform empowers your team to take ownership of their professional development while providing management with the reporting tools necessary to track all training activity.

Training and Coaching Improve Call-to-Appointment Ratios

Telephone Performance Analysis integrates with call tracking and inbound lead management.

Recorded calls are reviewed and graded by industry standards and customer-defined criteria. Targeted training and coaching prescribed and delivered, based on individual needs. Performance management will measurably improve call conversion rates.

Measure telephone performance skill gaps
Fairly evaluate the effectiveness of phone staff
Track improving conversion rates month over month
Accurately diagnose lead-quality and call-handling issues
End the finger-pointing between Marketing and Sales