CallSource has been tracking and recording calls for over 25 years. That’s not about to change, but with the digital age becoming more and more prominent, we are here to continue helping you with all of your attribution and performance needs.

We are proud to introduce the best new thing in digital attribution: Digital AI powered by AutoID®. Digital AI is here to help shed light on your customers’ complete journey. Digital AI helps you focus on consumers further down the funnel; optimizing your efforts on those consumers with higher buyer intensity.

With a single line of code, you can begin tracking your customers’ complete journey through their decision making process.


Tracking down to the consumer level
Consumer level tracking that is more precise than campaigns or keywords.
Know when consumers defect
Follow the consumer journey onto competitors websites!
Real Time Notifications
Get alerted when a prospective client visits a competitor’s website.
Measure Buyer Intensity
Identify a visitor’s intensity to buy, based on their journey history.

Know where to put your marketing spend
Confidently Measure the effectiveness of all incentives and promotions on consumer activity, tracking back to individual social media campaign.


We don’t even know if “installation” is the right word, as this is the simplest part! Ready for all the steps? OK. What you’ll need to do is…

Insert one line of code into your website or tag management system!

Really, it’s that easy.

That’s it!


What Our Clients Say

Tom Tassie
VP & Director of Operations of Prestige Auto Group:

AutoID is changing how we do business