What can CallSource do for you?

Your team’s weak phone skills cost you sales.


Unprepared and unprofessional call handlers can hurt your brand and cost you business.  CallSource takes a consistent, long-term approach to employee development, with the goal of converting more phone opportunities into confirmed appointments.  Some trainers tell you to stick to the script, which can result in robotic and dishonest-sounding conversations.  The script only goes so far.  We move beyond scripts to ensure your team practices the art of authentic conversations to convert more callers to customers.

Our blended approach for Training and Coaching is driven by our advanced performance analytics.

CallSource training is designed to give your team a fundamental understanding of the core skills needed to convert more callers into customers. Improving performance in these core skills has a direct correlation to higher call-to-appointment rates. CallSource creates training using various methodologies to ensure comprehension and retention.

If training teaches you how to swing a bat, then coaching develops the habits needed to make consistent contact. CallSource coaching offers your team one-on-one or group coaching sessions with our expert coaches. Coaches prepare for each session by reviewing each individual employee’s Telephone Performance Analysis report for skill gaps. During the session they review real life call examples with your call handlers, and work with your team to set goals and define next steps for improvement.

Training & Coaching Benefits

Training is an ongoing process, not a one time event
Create a culture of gradual performance improvement
Engage call handlers in their own career development
Individualize learning to make it relevant
Seasoned coaches drive habit change and performance improvement

The Process

Step 1

Coaches review call handlers’ individual inbound calls, finding their best and worst calls for growth opportunities.

Step 2

Call handlers “meet” by phone with coaches to set goals and commit to habit change.

Step 3

Coaches help call handlers stay focused on and reach performance goals.

Step 4

Management supplements the coach’s role by prioritizing and rewarding call handlers’ performance improvement.

Step 5

Certification elevates the call handler role and standardizes the quality of the customer experience.