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Call Tracking Is Only the Beginning

Billboards or broadcasts? Snail mail or email? Print or digital? SEM or SEO? Business growth depends on new qualified leads calling you and making an appointment. Do you know which advertising source drove each inbound prospect call last month? What was the CPC for that new digital campaign launched last week?

As the foundation of a solid call management process, Call Tracking identifies wasted marketing spend so you can reallocate precious dollars to higher-performing ad sources.

Call Tracking is the foundation of performance management.

Local and Toll Free Call Tracking Numbers

Place a CallSource Vanity, toll-free, or local number in each marketing or advertising campaign. CallSource automatically tracks and records each call as it rings through to your business. A 30-day referral period after each campaign ensures you’ll never miss a lead.

Discover which ad campaigns generate the most leads

Track every inbound lead, by source, and use call recording to determine Return on Investment and Cost per Lead. Then, make better decisions.

Save Money and Reallocate Marketing Spend on Ads That Work

Call Tracking tells you which ads generated qualified leads and which didn’t. Renegotiate rates with advertisers, based on the actual number of qualified prospects they delivered.

Capture More Leads

How many inbound revenue opportunities do you convert to appointments and how many are mishandled? Monitor your inbound leads for better performance management.

Real-Time, Online Reporting

Reports and call logs analyze ad performance so you can make critical business decisions to generate more leads, track ad spending and train staff. If you prefer, schedule reports for email delivery.

The Call Tracking Process

Step 1

Insert a different, Vanity, local or toll-free tracking number in each campaign to be tracked.

Step 2

Incoming calls route directly to business lines; route calls depending on  ad source, time
of day.

Step 3

Capture ad source, caller phone, connection status, and call duration. Many calls also capture caller name and address.

Step 4

Check real-time online reports to access call history and call recordings. Schedule email reports, if
you prefer.

Step 5

Record inbound calls for sales recapture and CSR performance review.

What Our Clients Say

Ed Miller, President and Owner, Snyder Air Conditioning:

Saved $30,000 the first year