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In any industry, you need business processes in place to control the marketing dollars you spend and the inbound calls you receive. CallSource’s technology-enabled services will build call management processes that provide structure, transparency, accountability and consistency.


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Businesses throw money and resources at marketing campaigns without measuring their effectiveness. CallSource objectively compares ROI of all advertising media to reach your target audience of qualified prospects cost-effectively.


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More leads equal more appointments, and more appointments should lead to more sales. Do you measure the outcome of every inbound lead? How many of those calls are handled properly and how many are mishandled? Could you use a second chance to re-engage those mishandled prospects?


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Phone handlers have one job: to set appointments. But do you know how each CSR performs? Are conversion rates from phone call to appointment where you need them to be? Do you have a performance standard to measure individual performance? Telephone Performance Analysis grades call handling results and then assigns individualized online phone skills training to each CSR. Individualized Coaching is a further step to take to raise the bar on individuals’ appointment-setting rates


Your Business
Your Business with CallSource

CallSource will increase sales and maximize your profits by converting more leads to appointments — allowing you to generate more money.

Generate more leads without spending one more marketing dollar
Increase conversion rates
Measure and improve call handlers’ phone skills
Prompt Alerts let you recapture mishandled revenue opportunities
Measure and continually improve call handlers’ phone skills