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The Benefits of
Dashboard Integration

Get a complete picture of your dealership’s sales performance
Manage your information through one dashboard
Increase accountability for pain points
Make better decisions, faster

The Bird’s Eye View Report Includes:

Telephony Reports image
Calls Connected:
See if your people are on top of all inbound calls
Average Call Duration:
Know how long it takes to close an appointment
Calls Answered:
See who is fielding what calls and when
Top Referring Ad Sources:
Determine what ads are succeeding
Call Meter:
Evaluate your call management process
Unique Calls:
Find out when the best leads are coming in

The Call Gauge Report Includes:

Telephony Reports image
Percentages of total calls by day: 
Discover what day your phone performance is highest (LeadScore displays prospects)
Peak times of greatest call volume:
Determine when you need more phone support to close more appointments
Peak times of missed calls: 
Find out when you’re missing the most opportunities
Prospects listed by departments: 
Learn which departments are driving the most prospect calls

The Ad Source RPM Report Includes:

Telephony Reports image
Total calls by ad source: 
Identify most successful advertising campaigns
Unique calls: 
Filter individual calls from repeat callers or previous customers
Prospect calls: 
Isolate true prospect calls to calculate true cost-per-lead
Appointments Set: 
Evaluate your call handling performance and study consumer interest by ad source

The Agent Summary Report Includes:

Telephony Reports image
Calls connected: 
See which employees have been ready and available to handle inbound calls
Prospects handled: 
Add accountability to your team by assessing which employee handles the most prospects and how
Appointments set: 
Evaluate the effectiveness of your employees and if additional training or review is needed
Outbound calls made: 
Identify which employees are proactively following up with your customers for added incentives