CallSource Reflections: You Want Results…We Deliver Them

“CallSource® Reflections” is a blog series by CallSource’s® co-founder and President, Elliot Leiboff. Elliot co-founded CallSource® alongside the late Jerry Feldman in 1992. Over the years, Elliot has developed a small call tracking company to a full service lead generation performance organization. CallSource® invented call tracking. Elliot has witnessed a myriad of inventions, tried different   Read More

Strategic Approaches for Calling Back Missed Opportunities for Home Improvement Businesses

(FREE APPOINTMENT FOLLOW-UP TRACKER SPREADSHEET!) Had an interested lead call in looking for service, but didn’t get the appointment set? Consider these approaches when making your call-back attempt to recapture that missed opportunity. Securing an appointment from a prospect on a first attempt can be difficult and requires a certain skill set to do it   Read More