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When Bigger IS Better

Operators Standing by for AssistanceTo date CallSource has tracked well over 1 billion inbound calls to SMBs all over America. Our enormous footprints in the automotive, home services and health industries provide a nearly infinite dataflow. The benefits of big data are numerous: on point trend analysis and analytical expertise are two ways CallSource distinguishes itself against competitors. By analyzing our data on billions of inbound phone leads, CallSource KNOWS

o  Where profit leakage happens
o  Percentage of mishandled phone leads
o  Lost sales opportunities
o  Phone handling performance improvement

There’s so much data floating around the marketing and sales departments, how much more can they absorb? I say none really. The reports and dashboards marketers are supposed to utilize daily (or at least weekly) are just the starting point. The data is a map or a puzzle – the elements you need to make informed decisions. Consider Call Tracking the critical first step toward building call management processes that improve profitability and sales performance. In our opinion, in this process, a little transparency goes a long way.

Just for bragging rights, in June, CallSource

  • Managed 2,234,610 Tracking Numbers
  • Tracked 15,250,025 Inbound Calls to SMBs
  • Recorded 36,717,070 Minutes

Call Tracking is the first step in any inbound marketing strategy – it’s considered ‘standard marketing procedure’. Where the stellar marketers distinguish themselves is in how they put Call Tracking data to use… What technology-enabled services do they layer onto Call Tracking for the transparency and accountability they require? Marketers can isolate prospect calls from the flood of other inbound calls and they want to recapture lost opportunities caused by inexperienced or poorly-trained phone handlers.

For more information visit the CallSource website.

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