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The $6 Billion Question: Who’s Answering Your Phones?
Brent Rogers, CMO, The Patrick Dealer Group

Brent Rogers is the Chief Marketing Officer at Patrick Dealer Group in Chicago, Illinois. Brent is a savvy marketer responsible for marketing performance at the Group’s seven stores and he is convinced that call management processes are the key to profitability.

Like other dealerships nationwide, the Patrick Dealer Group is experiencing a significant uptick in inbound calls across all franchises. “Its click-to-call that’s behind the lift,” says Rogers. With all those calls coming in, his concern is whether the stores’ phone handling process is easy for customers. “Mobile phone users want their phone interaction to be quick,” he notes.

Brent’s tracking and monitoring efforts revealed just how many inbound prospect calls were being mishandled, and how much potential there was, if phone handlers could learn to control the call and set appointments with more than 8% of callers. Rogers is convinced that marketing strategies need to be supported by call management processes. So he went to work building and implementing those processes.

The reality is that few people buy cars today without ever making a phone call. If click-to-call put the telephone back on top, and callers today are “low-funnel”, then conversion rates should be high, right? WRONG. They’re not. They’re really low. On average, nationwide less than 10% of inbound calls are converted to appointments. It’s hard to believe, but phone handlers fail to set appointments with nine out of ten callers. If you consider all the money spent to make the phone ring, 10% conversion rates should be setting off alarms. Every day prospects make their couple of phone calls to decide where to purchase their next vehicle… and most dealerships are failing to meet their needs.

Unwilling to settle with an 8% conversion rate, Rogers went to work with his BDC Director, Andrea Cryder and ultimately increased the 7 stores’ call to appointment ratio to 30%. A 22% increase in appointments set is a beautiful thing. That growth has given the Brent’s team a lot more chances to sell more cars.

At Digital Dealer on Tuesday, August 9th at 8:30 a.m., Brent Rogers and David Greene, SVP at CallSource, will share the processes Brent used to dramatically improve phone handling performance. Don’t miss the chance to do something similar at your store.

Intro – “The 6 Billion Dollar Question: Who’s Answering Your Phones?”

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