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NADA100 – Going with Big Expectations


I’m going to NADA100 this year with big expectations. Every time I attend, I look for the industry best practices I need to adopt, the thought leaders I should pay attention to, and the truly unique new products. NADA is always overwhelming because of the 20,000+ attendees and thousands of exhibitors. Yet some years are better for me than others. Some years I’ve come back with great ideas and plans, and others I was overwhelmed and didn’t come back with much. So in honor of NADA’s 100 year anniversary*, I came up with these goals:

1. Build my professional network – success in business (and life) depends on the quality of your relationships. And, knowing that people do business with people they like, that means my customers need to like me. This year I plan to meet many of my clients at NADA.

2. Create a personal board of directors – In 2017, I will create my personal board of directors. I’ve identified key industry players and thought leaders I want to know. I admire their careers and industry impact. My plan is to find people who are willing to help me.

3. Find the best technology – I’m reviewing the NADAPlanner so I know the exhibitors. I’m ready to be surprised, so I’m going with a “beginner’s mind”, ready to learn and see what’s new out there.

4. Learn at workshops and sessions. I’ve matched my 2017 growth goals with the NADA100 agenda and identified sessions to attend. I know exactly the solutions I’m looking for, I want to put myself in the right place at the right time and find them.

5. Have fun! Jim Gaffigan is hilarious! I’m definitely planning to attend his keynote! Check out the first episode of his new show.

See you at NADA!

*The NADA story began when 30 dealers traveled to Washington, D.C. in 1917 to persuade Congress not to impose a luxury tax on cars. They successfully argued that the automobile is a necessity of American life, not a luxury. From that group effort, NADA was born.

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