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GMMDA Summer 2016

gmmdaLogoCallSource was a Gold Sponsor of the GMMDA Summer Business meeting last week in Detroit, at the MGM Grand Hotel. The meeting gives GMMDA members three days away to focus on their business and OEM relations and for Dealer 20 Groups. Regular meetings keep this tight-knit group of owners and dealership personnel coming back every year. GMMDA is a voluntary organization of 89 dealers, 86 of whom are profitable. In total, GM has 241 minority dealers/rooftops – made up of 178 owners. Interestingly enough, the largest minority group of owners are Hispanic with 117 rooftops; 49 dealerships are owned by Asian-Americans, 34 rooftops are owned by Asian Americans, 31 rooftops by Native Americans and 8 stores owned by females. GM has the highest minority dealer count of all OEMs and there are 89 dealers who are part of the association; 86 of the 89 are profitable dealerships.

The GMMDA is the strongest Minority Dealer group because of the financing options offered by GM. Toyota also has a strong minority owners group. CallSource is proud to be a GMiMR Preferred Vendor, meaning that GM covers 80% of the costs of Call Tracking and new LeadMetrix products.

Hats off to President Marjorie Staten! She is SO good at what she does. And kudos to the group members for knowing how to mix business and pleasure! Click here for more news about GM.

The GMMDA MISSION STATEMENT: To promote, encourage and protect the viability and profitability of all existing General Motors minority dealers, and to encourage, through cooperative effort with General Motors Corporation, the installation of new minority dealers in viable and profitable opportunities.
To have professionalism, integrity and profitability as the only standard in the way we conduct our business and personal affairs, constantly striving to be a beacon in our community by our presence and involvement in civic and social affairs.

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