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Digital Dealer Presentation, “$6 Billion Question” is a Roadmap for Increasing New Car Sales

mobilecaller300x300They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. But what do they call it when someone gives away their best work because they want to be imitated? CallSource calls that good business.

You’re invited to hear Brent Rogers, the chief marketing officer at The Patrick Dealer Group share his call management roadmap for increasing new car sales with Digital Dealer Conference & Expo attendees on August 9th.

Don’t miss Rogers explaining the Call Management Platform he implemented that boosted conversion rates nearly 50% at seven dealerships. Based on the Patrick Group’s average volume of sales prospects, the double-digit improvement represented an additional 197 sales and more than $400,000 in additional annual earnings. Read the complete case study.

How did he do it? Rogers implemented technology-enabled services to record and monitor inbound calls and their outcomes. With that data, Rogers invigorated the sales teams and created a culture that takes “every lead seriously and understands the importance of every inbound call.”

In his 50-minute session, Rogers will share the roadmap he uses today to manage inbound calls, analyze their results and drive high conversion rates.

Brent Rogers, CMO, The Patrick Dealer Group

“In my opinion, if you don’t choose to use CallSource, you’re choosing to not be great. In this day and age, measuring and evaluating phone calls is a vital tool — I don’t know how dealerships are going to survive if they’re not looking at this type of detail when it comes to their marketing spend.”

- Brent Rogers, CMO, The Patrick Dealer Group

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