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An Unexpected Path to Success & Happiness at Work

When you ask people to describe the best boss or leader they’ve ever had, you tend to hear the same descriptions. Most people describe their ideal leader with words like

  • Kind
  • Fair
  • Inspiring
  • Honest
  • Team player

No matter the industry, when people reflect on the elements of great leadership, they rarely comment on their leader’s IQ or technical knowledge. When it comes to good, inspiring leaders, there are other factors at work that matter more than technical expertise and measurable intelligence. What are the elusive qualities that the best leaders possess?

One answer is Emotional Intelligence. Daniel Golemon identified Emotional Intelligence as a determining factor in measures of long term career success and satisfaction.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is defined by Goleman and others as the ability to recognize and regulate one’s own emotions as well as being able to recognize and adapt to others’ emotional states. The ability to “read” people and “hear what they’re really saying” is actually a measurable skill that can improved with training and practice. This is not a woo-woo idea, getting better at relationship building and recognizing others’ emotions is a critical career development tool.

When you layer a mindful approach on top of an understanding of EI, you have a beautiful recipe for a leadership style that recognizes individuals for their contribution, inspires others to do their best work and reduces everyone’s stress level.

To find out more about the links between EI, Mindfulness and neuroscience, Register for next week’s Women in Automotive conference where Carey Fried is presenting “Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence for Leaders”, the curriculum created by Google, that promises attendees more resilience, more engagement, and more happiness.

For more on the Google-inspired content that Carey is teaching, visit

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