Get a Second Chance
at Missed Sales Opportunities

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CallSource created a powerful revenue recovery tool to identify mishandled inbound leads and promptly email Alerts so you can recapture lost inbound leads.

Two out of every three mishandled inbound calls end in the caller defecting to a competitor. Competition is fierce, and every day, viable sales opportunities are lost for lack of proper telephone handling skills.

Call Back Alerts, sent on every mishandled inbound lead, include the caller’s number, the call recording and the reason the opportunity was lost.

The Alerts give the management team a second chance to set appointments with mishandled prospects.

There are second chances.

Receive prompt Alerts on every mishandled inbound lead
Increase conversion rates by saving mishandled inbound prospects
Alerts contain callers’ number and call recording for quick turnaround
Assign recapture calls to managers and top-performing phone handlers

What Our Clients Say

Richard Davila, II Owner & President, Livingston Hearing Center:

Using CallSource data to make better business decisions.