Measure teams ability 4

Telephone Performance Analysissm (TPA) is a service that helps our clients manage and convert more inbound callers into happy customers by evaluating and improving the phone skills of their employees.

TPA records and evaluates a specific sample of prospect calls in order to assess your teams' ability to convert calls to appointments. A monthly performance report card is provided to the individual and management so that more targeted training can be provided. TPA comes standard with Our University, an online training platform that suggests courses based on the employee's specific skill gaps. 

TPA Benefits:

  • Save your time and effort in evaluating call-handling skills
  • Pinpoint skill gaps and relevant training opportunities for your employees
  • Detect changes or trends in your employees' performance
  • Retain your employees by empowering them to succeed

TPA is an industry-leading solution that provides unmatched insight into how your employees interact with customers or prospects.