Auto Dealers Lose up to 84% of Inbound Leads*

*A combination of data from CallSource and IHS/Polk indicates: From April 2014 to March 2015, of consumers who called a dealer and purchased a vehicle within 90 days, 84% purchased from a different dealership than the one initially called.

Turn Mishandled Telephone Leads into New Revenue

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SPM: Built for Today’s Dealerships

CallSource’s technology-enabled services analyze and optimize business performance. The patented Sales Performance Management (SPM) system helps businesses increase sales and profits by: (1) measuring and comparing the results of online and offline marketing; (2) evaluating the quality of inbound leads; (3) identifying missed revenue opportunities and alerting management; (4) analyzing employee telephone lead conversion skills; and (5) increasing appointments and sales through coaching and training.

What can CallSource do for you?

Case Study Download: How the Patrick Dealer Group Boosted Profits in 90 Days with Sales Performance Management.


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Download our infographic The Five Elements of a Successful Inbound Call to help your team set showroom appointments more effectively with every potential customer.

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Track, Analyze, and Report Every Call

Your dedicated Account Management team guides you through setup and activation. Then, on monthly calls, they share call management processes, store trending, and competitive data to give you the winning edge.

Stop Spending Money on Unproductive Ads
Filter Inbound Leads by Prospects vs. Non-Prospects
Recover Mishandled Phone Leads
Analyze Phone Handlers’ Skills
Train and Coach Call Handlers to Increase Conversion Rates

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DealSaver® reviews prospect calls, identifies lost sales opportunities and promptly alerts your star closer via email or smartphone so that you can salvage the lost lead before it reaches a competitor.

DealSaver® also identifies training opportunities for recovering sales and maximizes marketing Return on Investment by salvaging mishandled revenue opportunities.

  • Quickly and easily save a deal anywhere, anytime
  • Recapture mishandled callers with a quick response time
  • Download the DealSaver® app to start saving deals


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Brad Mugg, the Managing Partner at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore:

Increase in Inbound Phone Leads